This project consists of a review and update to the Walton County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code. This is not intended to be a “re-write”, but a series of amendments and updates to refocus both the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code to achieve a high quality built environment while preserving and enhancing the natural environment.

The project is being conducted in three phases (click on the links below for details of each phase):

Phase I - An update of the Comprehensive Plan

What Is The Comprehensive Plan Update?

The Comprehensive Plan Update is a review and update focusing on correcting inconsistencies and redundant policies as well as creating clarity and internal consistency. In addition, the Plan is being reviewed to insure that it is promoting the original development vision of the County which was predicated upon the efforts of the South Walton Conservation and Development Trust created in 1994. Their “Trust Plan” created a town and village development concept for south Walton County which was reflected in the 1996 Walton County Comprehensive Plan.

Updating the Comprehensive Plan is the first phase of the project (Phase I) and will focus on:

  • Reviewing, updating and revising the Comprehensive Plan, as appropriate to be consistent with the original vision of the 1994 Trust Plan
  • Identifying unnecessary, redundant and inconsistent policies within the Plan
  • Developing a concise and usable Plan including formatting and layout as well as high quality illustrations and graphics
  • Reviewing the Plan for consistency with Florida statutes

Phase II - An update of the Land Development Code

What Is The Land Development Code Update?

The Land Development Code Update consists of Phases II and III of the project.

Phase II is an update of the Land Development Code focusing on correcting inconsistencies and redundancies, as well as creating overall consistency with the Comprehensive Plan, clarity and restructuring for ease of use.
Updating the Land Development Code will focus on:

  • Identifying internal inconsistencies within the Land Development Code and inconsistencies with the Comprehensive Plan
  • Removing unclear and contradictory language which creates a need for frequent and extensive interpretations
  • Consolidating and reformatting the structure and language based on like subject matter which removes redundancies and facilitates ease of use
  • Incorporating high quality graphics such as illustrations, charts and tables to facilitate ease of use of the Land Development Code
  • Revising the development review process and permitting procedures to insure a clear and efficient process
  • Developing clear definitions for terms used in the Land Development Code
  • Preparing a cross referencing system with the Land Development Code as well as an index
  • Reviewing development standards to insure they are feasible, practicable and meets their intended goals
  • Ensuring that the Land Development Code implements the goals, policies and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan
  • Ensuring standards contained in the Land Development Code are in compliance with State statutes and current law

Phase III - The development of a Hybrid Land Use Plan for the Land Development Code

Phase III is the development of a hybrid Land Use Plan for the Land Development Code. The Walton County Land Development Code currently does not contain zoning districts, but rather a broad land use district approach very similar to the future land use districts in the Comprehensive Plan. Phase III will analyze a hybrid land use approach for potential adoption which will contain traditional Euclidean type zoning districts along with form-based codes and / or a Transect planning approach in the mixed use areas and or other areas as appropriate that will be identified the Land Development Code. These mixed-use areas include but are not limited to:

  • Village Mixed Use
  • Coastal Center Mixed Use
  • Traditional Neighborhood Development

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