Planning Commission Recommends Approval of Comprehensive Plan Update Amendments

At the regularly scheduled Planning Commission public hearing on Thursday, January 11, 2018, the Planning Commission recommended approval of the following Comprehensive Plan Update amendments:

Public School Facilities Element

Repeal of the Public School Facilities Element with existing Policy PS-1.2.7(2) – a requirement for sidewalks for new development and redevelopment within 2 miles of an existing or planned school, to be incorporated in the Land Development Code Chapter 5, Development Standards, for new development and redevelopment within 1 mile of an existing or planned school.  

Intergovernmental Coordination Element

Approval of the draft language as proposed.

Capital Improvements Element

Approval of the draft language as proposed, with the understanding that the Capital Improvement Schedule is not included.

Infrastructure Elements (Potable Water/Groundwater Recharge, Solid Waste, and Drainage)         

Approval of the draft language as proposed, with a change to Drainage Policy I-, whereby the County would initiate the stormwater utility study for the ordinance within 3 years.        

Click here to watch the video of the Planning Commission meeting for these items.  

These Comprehensive Plan Elements will be considered at an upcoming Board of County Commissioners public hearing for transmittal to the State Department of Economic Opportunity and other state agencies for review and comment.  


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