Public Participation Menu Items

  • Meetings. This menu item provides access to all the materials provided to attendees of the Community Workshops and Presentations throughout the project phases. This includes copies of presentations given.

Resources Menu Items

The Resources menu item is the repository for information that has been prepared to support the Walton County Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code Update. The materials located here consist of maps, documents, handouts, and presentation materials that have been developed during the process. These materials are typically provided in a PDF (Acrobat) format for ease of downloading.

  • Quick Links. Under this menu, you can find links to Walton County departments related to this project.
  • Project Documents. All public documents and reports that are prepared for each project phase will be posted here.
  • Supporting Documents.  This item contains links to documents that have information relevant to this project, but not prepared for this project.
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